Resistance to corrosion - deformation

Table clamps on ceramic substrates have low porosity and constant product quality by not smoking, good wear resistance and deformation.

Metal substrate reality show will be worn after long time use.
Understanding this challenge, our company put into the market products made from ceramic substrate of alumina. For example, vacuum method, use the foam raw material is not convenient in the case of substrates with large tonnage. Insole made from materials with low porosity will maintain stronger flat surface, and less affected because of worn or deformed as the metal substrates.

We are honored to present the image of the actual processing outcomes for people to reference.
Besides we also processed products with mass.
We will process products to match the shape of your request.
Honored to meet the needs of customers!
We are ready to accept orders with just one product.

Bởi vì đế bằng ceramics rất cứng vì thế nó sẽ không bị cong khi sản phẩm nặng lên trên và phù hợp đối với những sản phẩm gia công với độ dày chính xác
Because very stiff soles with ceramics so it will not curl up on the heavy products and suitable for processed products with precise thickness.
Chúng tôi gia công đế phù hợp với yêu cầu về hình dạng của bạn
We worked to fit the requirements of your shape.
Đây là ví dụ về gá kẹp sản phẩm khi gia công.Vị trí của gá kẹp có thể thay đổi
Here is an example of clamps when processing product. Position the clamps can be changed.
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